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it came out of the wordwork

Not such a major day, I guess
Not one day lily in sight today, which is a damp day.  There are two potential buds on stalks -- we await their issue with interest. 

We (being all of us in the house) were up early and some of us were out to Skowhegan for our eye exams before 9 and with insufficient coffee to boot.  I hear from my doctor that I should go back next week for some tests. This will not be the first time I've had follow-ups to eye exams, but it is a concern since there are questions about family medical history I can't answer, even as age would make that history more useful So, next week, a return to Skowtown.

After the basic eye visit we drove south to the 'ville and ended up at the eye-glass place, since all the vision prescriptions in the house have changed -- have you ever seen $500 dollar bills with wings? Sigh.

Meanwhile, Hexapuma gets a ride early tomorrow to his favorite vet, also for a follow-up. Where is this one-and-done stuff I've been hearing about?

Oh yeah, and after we did the deed in ordering new glasses we stopped for a meal at a relatively new pizza/italian place in town -- and you know, we might go there for a quick bucket of spaghetti thing if we're really in need of fast sometime, and we might try the pizza since we're not fond of the nearest pizza competitor, but today's pasta was average to bland at best, the salad was forgettable (and I almost forgot to mention it!) and the "garlic bread" could have used a firm garlic infusion, IMNSHO.  Sorry Sam's ... I'm getting picky.

And then we went to the grocery, where the deal of the day was thin-sliced chicken breasts, which will likely all go into crockpot sometime in  next three days. Then home, where a snack of chocolate pudding was shared -- in this case chocolate pudding made with chocolate milk since I'd brought some back from my trip and it was approaching use-by date.  Not a bad snack, if I say so myself.

What you haven't been hearing much form me about is creative stuff, and that's in part because all the input, direct and indirect, that I got from the Run to Raleigh hasn't quite been assimilated yet.   The friends of Liad suite was not only a fun place to be, but informative, with a number of fans letting me know what they'd like to see next from us -- both in an out of the Liaden side of things -- and since Ghost Ship needs to be out of here RSN that means we'll have a place on our dance card for some other work.  Sharon and I are ruminating on these and next will come passing some ideas by our agent and by Toni, as time permits. Remember, first order of business is getting Ghost Ship off to see the wizard.

Also, about Raleigh? I think the half of Team NoSleep who were at NASFIC did a marvelous job presenting a couple days of a Friends of Liad party and I'd like to hear from volunteers in the next few months who are interested in making Renovation a memorable place for FoL meeter and greeters...