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it came out of the wordwork

Yesterday and today
Yesterday the lily count was three, today it is seven.  I'm late reporting yesterday becasue we were out early on a book-flogging trip to the coast and thus the flowers weren't open yet.  We signed books and gave away copies of our custom rendition of a Carousel Tides chapbook to push Sharon's November release from Baen. Order today!

Yes, today is my birthday, and I thank you all here and elsewhere for snailmail cards and email and blog postings ... and no, I do not EVER open ecards, so please don't send any, or anymore if you already sent one of the one's that have been nuked by the filters already.

So we had several delicious meals yesterday, running the two days into one for many purposes, and today we'll hit the movies to see Sorcerer's Apprentice.  Around the edges of things I've been packing -- books, socks, manuscripts I've read for the writing workshop, and pieces fo electronic gear. I leave Monday for a leisurely drive...  Is anyone going to NASFIC who might be willing to help me figure out the video camera?

Anyhow, off to the day -- thanks for reading!