July 29th, 2010


Not quite randoms, starting with 6

So, before I forget, 6 is the day's lily count. Six.  Also, a quick scan shows on the order of 70 additional buds -- guess this is a good season.

So the other day I was buying some canned baked beans -- and put them back on the shelf. Ingredients (besides the pea beans) --  included molasses and brown sugar, which I was OK with, and -- HFCS, elsewise known as high fructose corn syrup.  WTF? I mean, why, people? Why?

I should note that as part of the rebuilding of my mouth that went on a few years ago I needed to keep watch on blood pressure -- they were giving me painkillers in between the actual cutting, shaping, bone-shaving and there was the potential for problems given that my pressure ahd been on the high side, in recent memory.  In fact my doctor had been a little concerned with my triglycerides before we started and offered to put me on drugs for life to deal with it, and I declined and changed diet.  So I'd worked off 20 lbs or so and have tried to keep it off and the blood pressure check has become a daily thing, with Sharon and I both doing it as a matter of course. Over the last two years there's been a slow rise, in both of us.  We figured that was a mix of tension (yes, we're in publishing during the zombie apocalypse!) and aging until, until I say -- until I saw an article linking HFCS to both increased blood pressure and weight gain.  As we'd done while I was reducing weight and such before, we did an inventory of the food in the house and this time looked for and found HFCS in the oddest places. Like, you know, baked beans. Like, maybe you didn't know, in the non-fat half-and-half we'd adopted to help with cholesterol. In the brand of chocolate milk we mixed with our morning coffee (more on this later), in, well -- all kinds of stuff. Even in my Pepsi! 

Once again we did some winnowing, discovering along the way that certain sizes of (for example) chocolate milk contained HFCS and other sizes don't, they just have sugar.  Other than the note in the ingredients list the packaging and marketing appears identical.

And so, yes, on the average, our blood pressures both seem to be running a10 to 15 points lower now. FWIW. I think I need new glasses though -- reading all those labels is taking a toll on my eyes.

Nope, this is not a double blind study. And the change may be something else -- maybe in eating an extra tomato every other day or so because of summer eating patterns, or maybe because I'm cooking more carrots than I used to, or, whatever.

Anyway, food for thought.