July 22nd, 2010


Today the lily count is:

I'm out early for a run to Augusta, having already showered, shaved, got the trash out .... and observed the day lily pod ...
and have a preliminary lily count today of 7. 

We had a lot of rain last night and some wonderful lightning and thunder -- we didn't get pounded like Gorham or other Maine points south where there were tornado warnings (!), loss of power, trees down ... www.wmtw.com/weather/24346226/detail.html and the like. There's a great ireport thing somewhere on CNN about the storms as they came through Boston ...

One thing I'll be doing today/this week/weekend is testing the new ten-cell battery for Haysus the Asus -- the old battery died somewhere between Naperville, and East Greenbush on the last trip.

Also -- Lasagne in August -- don't forget your chance to get red sauce on your party clothes at NASFIC: http://www.reconstructionsf.org/?page_id=562

Later, kids -- coffee and breakfast now in order.