July 21st, 2010


The day lily count for today is ...

The day lily count for today is 4 -- this is our first of the season from one of Maine's latest breaking day lily pods, I guess. There look to be a lot on the way -- the pods are red for tomorrow and into the weekend, I'm thinking.

If you're going to NASFIC -- more on this in a moment -- watch for the special edition Carousel Tides sampler chapbook. Free while they last, at NASFIC -- I'll try to have some at any Baen function I get to -- and watch for me at the SFWA table ( I should have at least one autograph session there) and probably I'll be at the ASFA party as well. My schedule beyond that is on the knees of the ghods; and since it is our call, we're trying to judge how many of these chapbooks to print.... so see below.  About the only part of the schedule I'm reasonably sure of is the newly announced and likely soon to be filled Reconstruction GoH dinner -- and that I need to be on the road out of Raleigh sometime on Monday, August 9th.  

Now, the more on NASFIC: I did a quick run through of the most recent NASFIC attending member list and it looks like this NASFIC will be the size of many medium to medium-large regional conventions -- assuming a reasonable small last minute (which now means At The Door!) attendance kick since big summer cons usually get such a kick. If you haven't joined but want to, the bet is to make sure you get your hotel reservations in velly velly soon -- and plan to get to the convention  center early when you get to the con so you can get all your paperwork, including that all important pocket program! 

Meanwhile, the glance at the list shows around 20 or 25 people I can pick out as FoL -- that is, folk who have shown up at FoL events before, helped with or come to parties,come to breakfast,  read the chapbooks, comment on the Liad list or blogs, and such.  I do hope to have an FoL breakfast, so we'll be watching for location for that -- given the recent heat in the south it may well be in the Marriott or next door at the Sheraton to keep travel down.  I expect to have connectivity, so this blog or Facebook may be the bet for keeping up ... maybe one of the Liaden facebook pages, too ...

If you haven't made plans to come to Reconstruction, the 10th NASFIC, now is the time. Besides a couple dozen FoL, (and me, of course!), the con will have lots of good programming, a good dealers room, an art show with art auction, a masquerade, and will be an excellent chance to get to see and talk with some of the 100 plus program participants, guest, and panelists.  If you're within a few hours drive or easy travel, this could also be a good first convention for you -- and could convince you to come on out to next year's WorldCon in Reno.

Hope to see you at the NASFIC a half month from now!