July 7th, 2010


NASFIC is coming, NASFIC is coming....

NASFIC -- also known this year as RECONSTRUCTION  -- will be in Raleigh, NC in August. I'll be there.


I mention this especially for those of you who may be in reasonable travel distance -- and have never been to an SF convention. This con bodes to be considerably smaller than your average Worldcon, and hence more accessible size-wise to first timers, while at the same time having a really good program participant list -- far larger and more diverse than an average regional convention --  http://www.reconstructionsf.org/?page_id=254 ...

and, we're going to do what we can about having a Friends of Liad breakfast, to boot. One of the reasons I mention this now is that the Marriott's room block for the con is closed, and the Sheraton is filling rapidly. Also -- convention pre-registration closes July 15, after which you'll need to do the buy-at-the-door thing, which is doable but not nearly as much fun as being preregistered.  You can take care of the business of joining the convention http://www.reconstructionsf.org/?page_id=6 if you want -- and if you just want to help out and can't make the convention, there's a supporting member option as well so you can help US fandom have it's American field day while the Worldcon is off visiting Australia.

While I'm at this let me mention that fellow Baen author Eric Flint is Guest of Honor, Brad Foster is Artists Guest of Honor, Juanita Coulson is Fan GoH ... and our editor and publisher at Baen, Toni Weisskopf, is the Toastmaster. You'll definitely be able to see some of today's best if you come on out to this! Party, listen and study, buy books and t-shirts, see and buy art -- this is a festival, and you get to take part.