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it came out of the wordwork

As mentioned elsewhere -- stuff!
srm, bookish
I've mailed off a half ton of books -- the first 812 copies of Saltation, or the first two thrids -- this morning; there are still more than 300 to go, but we just plain ran out of room to sign, stack, pack, the first batch. I hope to have the rest on the way, including the bulk of the overseas orders, Friday and Monday, since we still have almost 400 more books to sign. Sticker shock -- the books sent out of the North American continent will cost on the order of $13 plus (each) to mail -- and that's not including the cost of of the box. In other words, more than half of each support donation will be eaten by the US Postal Service. Sigh... is not sufficient!

Also, just in case we haven't mentioned this enough, here's your chance to help spread the Liaden word as well as help those ebook community see
they don't have to be stick with apple or amazon when it comes to ebooks.-- we're giving away 36 ebook copies of the Dragon Variation to celebrate the advent of Mouse and Dragon and The Dragon Variation and these are all designated for FIRST TIME Liaden readers.... if you've been trying to convince someone, here's a good way to get them started. Also? if you have a blog,  let us know that you've posted news of the drawing and you can be part of a drawing for a Barnes and Noble gift certificate!   See http://sharonleewriter.com/2010/07/expanding-universe-contest/

Also: Sharon will *not* be going to NASFIC, in Raleigh, but I will attend, and take part in such things as a Friends of Liad breakfast if we can raise enough early-risers one day -- and a Liaden Lounge if those plan have gone forth.  Watch for details, or write if you wish to take part or have already started planning. I hope to arrive the day before the con starts, but much will depend on travel conditions on way down ...