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it came out of the wordwork

Odds and ends and odds
Stuff I haven't mentioned:

While we were in Florida we had a great time at Oasis, but I found myself ... bored by the topography of the place. Flat flat flat. Also? One thing to remember when traveling by train is that you'll often see the parts of town that no one cares much about -- or that they've given up on.

AMTRAK's meals were good on the trip south and north; I still dislike the fact, however, that many of the snack-car snacks are sold in portions meant for three. While Sharon and I can reasonably split a 3 serving cinnamon roll between us without much waste, I recall my trip to Atlanta a couple years ago when my choice seemed to be a Poptart or a muffin the size of my head. What was really scary this trip?  Watching a mother feeding her small kids -- with each of them getting one of these 3 serving sugarbombs and a soda for breakfast. There *must* be some other way to do this, eh?

Meanwhile, we hit some malls to do signings while we were there, and wandered into a store full of tethered IPADs ... which reminded me very much of oversize G1 ... understand that I've never held an iPhone -- they weren't offered in Maine for some months after they were being sold elsewhere in the US, and the first real smartphone I ever touched was a G1.  Anyhow, I played with teh IPAD and if someone gave me one I might use it, but the super shiny surface bugs my eyes, the contract terms were hard for me to figure out, and the "can't use non-Apple approved stuff" was pretty off-putting.

I'd probably take a Nexus or a Droid before an IPAD -- but I am somewhat prejudiced against Apple tech by our experience of being interviewed via IPhone some time back and having the poor interviewer's phone AT&Td multiple times -- IIRC he eventually had to borrow a land-line to finish the thing. 

This recently in -- a review, of Mouse and Dragon.  Might be spoilers, might not, depending on how you read and what you read for.

I haven't seen, by the way, a lot of reviews for Mouse and Dragon, so if you see one be sure to let us know, OK?

So, World Cup in gear, with the US and England currently running tied for 2nd-3rd in Group C.  Alas, we may not see much of the Slovenia -- US game which will be underway about the time we're approaching Chicago's Union station on Friday. A 2-goal margin for the US would be
a really good outcome...

Also? Speaking of Friday, Sharon has posted some of the Lee & Miller parts of the DucKon  schedule http://rolanni.livejournal.com/570420.html  -- the grid is mostly up on the DucKon site now, too.  Friends of Liad breakfast on for Sunday, starting approximately 8 AM, IIRC.

Why is the coffee gone?