June 10th, 2010


A quiet morning

Gray, cool day, with Netflix and an Uncle Hugo's catalog the mail of note. Waiting for an email, looking forward to some clarity ... and getting ready to get to office.

By the way, something bugging me. 

When we were in Penn Station late last week we saw a mother with several children, all under 10, who seemed torn between being Mom and being "just one of the girls." This got... awkward ... when she handed over her cellphone and a couple of  small digital cameras and allowed -- encouraged -- the girls to take photos of each other doing dance routines. The two older girls did some kind of a song/dance thing they obviously liked, but the youngest, being ignored by her siblings and by mom broke into a series of model poses until the others did pay her attention. These were model poses that might well have been found in, say, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit video shoot -- come hither glances, hips jutting this way and that to show off non-existent shape... After a few minutes of this, Mom finally said "enough", and then told a lady friend she was with "I always check to see if there's anything I can use" as she started reviewing the pics the girls had taken of each other.

Is this odd, or am I just out of synch with the always on world?