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it came out of the wordwork

Late arriving news -- Fledgling a Top 10 -- and more
Hi there -- we've been busy -- how about you?

We discover this morning, while sorting mail as the rain falls outside, that Fledgling (the mass market) was apparently the sole Baen book to make the Locus bestseller list in the June issue -- I think that covers March. Fledgling is listed as #10 in mass markets, and that's not too bad, is it? We're wondering what will show when July rolls around...

Yes, we are home from Oasis 23, which was a lovely convention. The Amtrak trip down was flawless, which was good since the drive to the station was fraught with Boston traffic tricks, turning what ought to have been a six hour run into a near eight-hour experience. Luckily, we'd brought a pack of CDs to listen to.

We arrived in Florida on  Thursday May 27, and left June 3rd... and had a blast.

We got to spend quality time variously on panels, signing, in the consuite and in the bar with fellow GoH Rob Balder (of Erfworld and Partially Clips) as well as guests Ben Bova, Jack McDevitt, and others. FoL and concom member Susan Cole took us on a tour of Orlando and got us to a couple of nice restaurants (yep, we got to add another Italian eatery to our lists of been there done that!) and after the con we visited the Pirates dinner theater on our own.  Besides signing a lot of books at the con we hit a bunch of area bookstores with pens in hand.  We had a host of fellow panelists and the panels were excellent!  And a fun thing -- someone with time on his hands was visiting Orlando from California and happened to turn a page in the entertainment section of the Orlando Sentinel -- to see a photo of us with information about Oasis -- and thus found himself at his first SF convention ever, because as he told us "you guys are my favorite authors ever! I couldn't believe you'd be here just when I got here!" 

We'll hope conventions we bew a habit for him, and are one for you, and  we're sorry if you were close to Oasis and missed us ...

The only downside of the trip was the (probably air-conditioner induced) dry-throat cough and cold I caught -- which elevated itself into sneezing/coughing/low fever just as we were getting ready to Amtrak home. I was able to sleep much of the return trip in our roomette,
which helped me be ready for driving some yesterday after we broke our travel Friday night in East Greenbush. Little did we know that we just missed some adventure on the way home, because some of the remarkable weather we saw near Lewiston. ME *really was* remarkable -- http://www.sunjournal.com/oxford-hills/story/858030 -- we may have been saved from actually seeing the funnel cloud by my suggestion of a Dairy Queen stop for a milkshake to help soothe my sore throat.

More as time and memory permit!

Oh yeah, we're hoping to see as many of you as we can at Duckon -- come on out!