May 11th, 2010


Frost on the grass at 5:55 AM

We're not having bad weather --

it was a three cat night, with temps into the 20s last night. Left the window open for ventilation...

not a tornado in sight, no flood in the basement or streets, just a suddenly cool Maine spring after am unseasonal warming spell. Frost this morning, yes, but it'll burn off before I need to scrape the windshield. My fault, this is, i guess -- last week i put the snow shovels away. For those suffering from the weather's capriciousness, my condolences.  At 5:55 wind was from the NE at 2 mph, most recent gust was 5 mph, decidedly unlike the weekend where we were running with gusts in the 20 to  30 mph. As the sun comes up, I expect a better breeze.

Over on  Sharon's LJ she's posted information about the closet clearing project, and Partners In Necessity still in the cross-hairs. Bibliogeeks may be interested in knowing that if they have a PIN bound in black with gold lettering on the spine beneath their paper cover ... well, see ...

And, the question of what's real and what's not comes up again: do you own your Second Life, or is it a service?

Catch you all later.


Interviewers opening up "love letters to Liad"

Dear Friends of Liad (and all the ships in space) --

Geek Speak Magazine is doing an interview with Lee and Miller (hey, one of them is me!) and a line to get your comments on the Liaden stuff has been opened up: 

feel free to join in and share, and post to book lists and discussions groups where appropriate, if you would be so kind ...