April 21st, 2010


Due in anytime soon...Saltation

So we're now waiting for the phone call to tell us when the Saltation shipment will arrive; I'm off to the office in a few minutes so will be able to monitor first hand. the thing is that the call may come anytime in the next 10 days -- oh the joys of consolidated freight forwarding ...luckily storage is right in the neighborhood of the office, so I only need a few minutes warning once the books are in town.

Meanwhile, a reminder to those of you who get here very rarely -- Sharon's Carousel Tides is upcoming in November from Baen -- which means, I expect it to be in stores as early as Halloween week, where it could make a great display. If you're in the book business ... you could plan ahead.... that cover can be seen here: http://carouseltides.com/ ... and there's a snippet, of course.

Name Food found in kitchens

3 things yes --

Name three things regularly found in your kitchen today that would rarely if ever have been found in your mother's kitchen

1. Brown rice
2. Wine Vinegar/flavored vinegar
3. whole wheat bread

3 things no

Name three things regularly found in your mother's kitchen that would be rarely if ever be found in your own today
1. Crisco - solid
2. Wonder bread white
3.  Brussel sprouts