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it came out of the wordwork

First, the knife ... or, Why belt & suspenders? answered
Lord Black Cat
This is a non-serious post. No politics. No angst. No kitty pictures -- except the icon.

Pocketstuff ...

get up, get dressed, and stuff goes into my pockets, in this order:

pants pockets

Swiss army knife
keys (house, my car, Rolanni's car, office (office and office PO box), SRM PO box, other)
mini cardcase
random change
(sometimes eyeglasses)
(often when traveling, pocket nail clipper)
my "pocket watch" which actually is attached to a belt loop

(when traveling away from home with cargo pants I'll add a cheese stick or cheese crackers, a nutritional apple or blueberry bar, and mini flashlight)


pen, at least one
(sometimes) glasses, depending in above
(sometimes) small pad or note cards

Yes, that's why I often wear "workman's" broad suspenders

Back from hospital, crutches for awhilw
The ganglion cyst the size of a cocktail tomato is gone from the top of my foot. I'm still sleepy with the meds and will sleep for awhile.  SRM packing on hold for some days.

Say what?
Recreational silly movies for $100...

So, I managed to adjust the TV screen and the lounger so I could watch one from the other... usually the lounger is for reading.  Rolanni joined me, as did hexapuma .. and we watched Magical Shopping Arcacade Abenobashi ... disk one.  All of it. I'm in queue for 2 more disks but I made sure they are due without some other stuff in between ... a very odd mix was this story.

Else much of my day was spent sleeping or sedated, and the best part may have been waking up on the lounger with Hexapuma very soundly asleep on my lap ... and bring able to say "good plan" and going back to sleep. More recently had a dinner of French Peasant  bread and salad...and now am lounging and typing carefully on Haysus the Asus while surfing deeper Netflix offerings.  I trhink we've already got the complete Have Gun Will Travel on order ...and I find the "What Winslow is watching" list fearfully boring. So .. anyone out there seen Bright Star?

Despite sleeping so much today, I'm tired. Maybe tomorrow I'll watch Ghost in the Shell.