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it came out of the wordwork

Stuff and such again
Second Life
Wow -- coming down off last-night's two ice tea (lemon, no sugar, keep the raspberry in the jelly!) celebration at Cacciatore's ... for the 32nd anniversary of the start of our joint cat-keeping experiment ...

to find that there's things need doing. I'm outta here after I pack a lunch, got mumblety mumblety orders to catch up on ...

Meanwhile the wider world goes on. I did not get tickets to the President's speech in Portland... and then was busy, and today besides packing I need to finish some more tweeting for the baenbooks tweet factory, and I should let you know that we've been noticed by other readers ...
for example, over here: http://unclehugo-edgar.livejournal.com/131457.html  you'll see 3 Lee & Miller books under the bestselling for march list; surprisingly two of those are SRM Publisher titles. Cool!

Also, Sharon has issued a call (over on her blog) for actual reader reviews of Saltation to be added to online bookstores now that it is nearly out in paper and is available in webscriptions -- feel free to spread the word!

I see Second Life has a new browser style interface available -- I for one like it, and find it much faster and less clumsy to use.

Our plans for the weekend diverge -- Rolanni's off to a community fair event tomorrow while I expect to be writing here and then spending some time at the office... the cats, it seems, have inked in naps for all, but we'll have to do that on Sunday ...