March 27th, 2010

Lord Black Cat

Help from some friends, and odds and ends

And a reader with time on his hands compiled this incomplete list of Lee and Miller titles on sale in various venues, with
venue rankings, good through around 7 PM Saturday night, Eastern. I'm not sure what it shows; but hey, it's something to consider.

Lee and Miller books currently in play

#46 in > Space Opera Sales Rank: #6,961
B&N Sales Rank: 42,519

Mouse and Dragon
#56 in> Space Opera Sales Rank: #8,183
B&N Sales Rank: 73,240

Fledgling (mass mkt)
#74 > Space Opera Sales Rank: #10,411
B&N Sales Rank: 67,086

Fledgling hardback Sales Rank: #249,033
B&N Sales Rank: 62,682

The Dragon Variation
#88 > Space Opera Sales Rank: #13,278
B&N Sales Rank: 237,322

Carousel Tides Sales Rank: #77,804 in Books
B&N: no listing

Duainfey Sales Rank: #284,731
B&N Sales Rank: 142,101

Halfling Moon Sales Rank: #985,245

As an odd end, we've been asked if it is OK for our "vanity plate" to be used in an upcoming book -- being asked doesn't insure use,
but hey, that's cool -- if you've been to a convention we drive to, yes, this is ours:

A lot of my time today went into going over my shelves and withdrawing such classics as guides to OpenOffice 1.0, Paint Shop Pro 7,
Xandros Version 3, not to mention a web design guide copyright 2002 which informs me that it was produced on Corel Ventura Publisher. Oh for the days when Corel was a real business! I hate to get rid of books, though, so pulling these is just so hard....

A reminder:
is my first book trailer; right now I'm at work on concepts for several more, which I hope ot have complete before Easter 2012 ... or maybe even by July 1 of this year. We shall see.

I note that the proof for the new version of The Cat's Job was approved on Thursday morning, and despite the print shop's owner guessing it might be done by Friday late  the person who actually does traffic for the business laughed quite heartily and the suggestion and let me know that if we were the only people in line it might be theoretically possible to get it done that soon, if everybody on staff spent all their time working exclusively on... yeah, in other words, we ought to have them in house at SRM Publisher Tuesday or Wednesday, so those orders will get in the mail  RSN.

BTW, the cover for The Cat's Job, and an updated ad for SRM Publisher, can be found here:

Saturday means Sharon was writing, so I made breakfast (chicken tenders and Swiss cheese with tomato and mayo on English muffins) ... and lunch: eggdrop soup with lots of veggies over a no cholesterol whole wheat pasta ... maybe I'll just have a cheese sammich for supper.

Oh yeah, last night we had video night. My Neighbor Totoro is sure a change from Have Gun Will Travel! ....

Supper calls.