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it came out of the wordwork

As days go by
Lord Black Cat
In the last three years or so I've accumulated all kinds of software and hardware and connections, with the intent to *do* things and I've been hit by a series of "do this now" that would make an editor tell me that I was overdoing it if I stuffed it all into a book. In fact, I have so many of these things sitting around that I just found something I started playing with in late 2007 -- and geewhiz, it got back burnered so far that it went from being cutting edge to kinda old fashioned.

But, here it is anyway, a book trailer for our dark fantasies Duainfey and Longeye. Right, DARK FANTASY.  These are books we've taken many licks for, mostly because they did not, as we supposed they would, come out under a pen name.  Although intended for such, when it came time to market these books it was felt it would be more efficient not to have to build a persona, and so they came out under our names, to much confusion among readers looking for a  -- less challenging, less edgy experiment on the dark side of dark fantasy.

These books were a challenge for us, but that was because we wanted to explore that "fairy tale" boundary where modern regency (as based on Georgette Heyer approach) and  fairy fantasy overlap, an over-troped genre where fantasy tends to minimize the fairy tropes into Disneyesque blandness... and we wanted to start right there at that boundary and go charging over, dragging readers with us.

We did that , that charging over the edge, and discovered that sometimes reader expectation is a more powerful force than actual words on a page and that some readers buy books by authors they know without reading the back cover, nor considering "what's different about this one?"

So no, this trailer is not for a Liaden tale. Do not mistake it. This trailer is for two books finishing one story far from Liad, and far from the Madding crowd, as well.

And so, somewhat late to the fray, my slightly remodeled experimental book trailer can be found here:

And yes, Duainfey and Longeye are available today via webscriptions, and from many bookstores, if you're up to a challenge.
And yes, Duainfey and Longeye are available today via webscriptions, and from many bookstores, if you're up to a challenge