March 20th, 2010

Lord Black Cat


A day when stuff got done, but there's more to do.

Finally -- the ground next to the cat-topped weather vane post was dry enough for my work ladder, so today the economy weather kit went online. The kit does not report direct to computer -- that'll be for the next one, if I go that far -- but it does report to the living room. This one does have a wind direction monitor, a gust and wind speed monitor, an indoor and outdoor humidity gauge, and the requisite thermometer. Expect reports from time to time, though I'm still not sure I have an ideal location for the humidty and temperature monitors... The "outdoor protected location out of direct sunlight" requirement is pretty hard to accomplish here since the folks who built the place practiced a high degree of reverse feng shui.

Did a few other outdoor weatherish things, including estimating that we have about 1 (one) square foot of snow left on the property, and that is receding quickly. I do not expect to see it tomorrow morning.

Today I also made breakfast and lunch and helped strip the bedroom for spring cleaning purposes; after lunch I used the cat-eating machine in there, much to Scrabble's disgust since she'd just started the knead-before-nap-routine on the hope chest pillow farm.

I've been on and off the net; among other things I have been playing with my long delayed  book-trailer test and need to decide if I should attempt voice over with it. Can doesn't mean should, you betcha. The test subject(s) are the dark fantasy duology Duainfey and Longeye.

Speaking of books, Fledgling-the-paperback (at 92) is still in the top 100 of space opera over at amazon, which is good I guess, and
Saltation is holding strong as #34 in Space Opera... while of the next upcoming books Mouse and Dragon is hanging fairly strong as #50 and The Dragon Variation has dropped off the list for the moment.