March 14th, 2010


Just in case you haven't heard

Some of my LJ readers are not on Facebook or Twitter, and don't get our infodumps and infodumplings. At the risk of boringthose who do, here's some info:

The ebook version of the ARC for Sharon lee and Steve Miller's Mouse and Dragon is for sale at Baen webscriptions. This is *just barely* not the final version; it may contain missing lines, backward quote marks, minor typos, and sometimes, wrong character names.

The first NINE chapters are available to be read free, starting here:

Enjoy, tell your friends, and if you're a died-in-the wood paper-book reader Mouse and Dragon should be available to order from your favorite independent, chain, or online bookstore and should be on shelves in mid-June, along with The Dragon Variation.

Meanwhile, this is a very busy proofing weekend in East Winslow -- we've got 4 novels worth of galley proofs in house (say 1400 pages or so) ... and we took yesterday off (including a visit to JJs in Old Orchard Beach for a fine lunch) to clear our heads form a really odd week.