February 19th, 2010


More from Lee and Miller and the wilds of Maine, with or without focus

Our attentions have not been focused too well this week -- we had our podcast on Second Life over Boskone weekend  --
found here in a direct link -- http://ia360929.us.archive.org/2/items/OffTheShelf-Season02-Episode03-SharonLeeAndSteveMiller/OffTheShelf-Season02-Episode03-SharonLeeAndSteveMiller.mp3

And then Monday ... I took Hexapuma to the vets to be sure he was set for his surgery, and he was ... so Tuesday I spent on the net finding a place for us to stay in Portland in the face of an impending snow storm, Tuesday night I had a library trustee meeting , and then came home to drive the three of us to Portland... Wednesday was Hexapuma's surgery, Thursday Sharon had a speech to give at the college, and after that we had to drive to Augusta, each in our own vehicle, so that Sharon's car could be left to be looked at by the master mechanics, which is to happen today, Friday, on account of the $800 we spent last week to fix something apparently *did not fix it* ... and so this morning I drove Sharon to work at the college and I took Hex to the local vets to get his Elizabethan collar cleaned ...and it took three vet-techs more than a few minutes to get that job done, no matter that hex was, excuse the expression, a real pussycat about the whole thing. 

So, here's Friday and something niggles the back of my mind -- yes Fledgling! Theo is available today in mass market format from AMAZON ...
http://tinyurl.com/theowaitley  was working earlier today ...

And now, I need to try to gather scattered thoughts and focus.

Hope your week has been orderly -- what do you say?