February 16th, 2010


Country Life with Hexapuma

Some of you may recall that Hexapuma

has been in and out of the vets recently, and after some consultation with our local vet last week we needed to decide if Hex should see a specialist. I took him again to the local vet yesterday for a check-up and consult while Sharon was at work, and the vet immediately prepared and faxed information to the specialist in Portland -- where we are due tomorrow morning, very very early, about two hours from here, where Hex has an appointment with a surgeon. Our goal is to eliminate, if we can, the area of recurring infection which has had Hex on antibiotics and eardrops for much of his life. Hex has not been gaining weight the way a male Maine Coon cat should, and as happy as he is, his life ought to be less fraught with trips to the vet in the long run.
Blueblaze Sphinxian Hexapuma  relaxing on the birdfood bins in East Winslow

Our local vet admits to being reluctant to doing the drilling in cat-skull bone required to get to the problematic area, and the specialist vet's office is much better equipped -- for example, they have a staff anesthesiologist. Of course tomorrow's trip becomes ... interesting ... since the latest weather report is calling for six inches of snow here by the overnight ... and around nine inches or so by tomorrow morning in the Portland area.  The plan is for us to be up and out early, arrive in Portland, get Hex his X-rays and exam and if all is confirmed on film he'll be operated on tomorrow.

We're unsure of costs, too -- we won't know that until the specialist has an opportunity to see exactly what he has. I'm considering a special full color cover run of The Cat's Job -- with Hex on the cover! -- if this runs to match the cost of, say, Sharon's used Subaru.

Also: this is an add on for those who have been asking how they might help:
an old but still working link to the tripjar!
The tripjar goes to the house rather than the business account ...

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