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it came out of the wordwork

Here we go -- only a couple years behind the curve!
Lord Black Cat
Soon Saltation will be released. And when it is, those of you who tweet and twitter will be able to follow some things ... from bechimo.

or is that @bechimo or #bechimo?

In any case, if Bechimo has said anything you can apparently find it at:


May the world follow.

Everyone talks about the weather
Everyone talks about the weather ...
and my turn again.

This time, complaints that the weather and the winter and the creatures all have
conspired this year against the Cat Farm's bird feeding hobby. We've lost three bird feeders.
the latest crashing to the deck this morning, apparently the victim of overnight winds and
this mornings leaping squirrel. A few days ago a failed squirrel baffle helped launch another
bird feeder high into the air, and then down into the snow, having inflicted cracks in the thing along the way.

The bird feeder that came down today did so catastrophically, shattering baffles and tubes ... yes, it was
a $50 0r $60 multitube with built in squirrel baffles. I think it too late in the season to invest
heavily in new feeders, so i;ll see if Kmart has any of the cheap $5 clearance things this week...
and or I'll just pour seed into the leftover dish of the one we lost very early in the season and
hope the upcoming snows won't mean I'll be tossing birdseed randomly every two hours...