February 10th, 2010

Lord Black Cat

Details ... details ...

Forthcoming Sharon Lee and Steve Miller books, today's placements

Saltation: due April, 2010
Amazon.com Sales Rank: #17,625 in Book

Mouse and dragon: due June, 2010
Amazon.com Sales Rank: #17,598 in Books

Fledgling softcover due RSN, 2010
Amazon.com Sales Rank: #43,423 in Book

Dragon Variation Due June 15, 2010
Amazon.com Sales Rank: #42,971 in Books

Carousel Tides (by Sharon Lee) Due November 2010
no amazon listing yet ---

Ghost Ship due TBD
no amazon listing yet

For those just now asking me to come to your favorite Memorial Day convention this year, if that con isn't
Oasis, I won't be there. We have an invite as literary GoH at Oasis. And then a couple weeks later, we'll be at Duckon, also as literary GoH. Otherwise, I have no conventions scheduled after Duckon until NASFIC ... and after that, nothing "solid" besides our intent to hit Boskone if writing scheduled permit next year, and then Renovation. Note to con committees -- we need to plan pretty far out these days due to Sharon's schedule at the college if you'd like us both to be there. My schedule is somewhat more flexible, FWIW.
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