February 2nd, 2010


Mysteries of the Modern World, Part 222

And now, the battle of the laydown dates!

The good news is that we just got "author copies" of Fledgling the mass market:


which is good. You can go right over to Barnes and Noble or stop at your favorite indie bookstore to pre-order ... but (sigh) we're not quite sure now *when* you can get it.

B&N says: February 23
Amazon says: March 9
Indie Bound: February 1
Powells: February
BooksAMillion: February 23
Borders: February 23

Let me note that I'm still displeased with Powell's, and have been for a dozen or more years. They have a hard time connecting my name to any of our books unless someone *insists* ... and once told me that it was "only a database problem" ... and so while I can be found as an author of the hardbound Fledgling I am not listed as an author of the mass market Fledgling. Yes, I *know* some people swear by Powell's, but you know, I'd really rather you consider Uncle Hugos, or Mysterious Galaxy, or DreamHaven or Pandemonium or Childrens Book Cellar, or Flights of Fantasy, or Borderlands, or Constellation Books, or The Missing Volume, or Larry Smith Bookseller -- all of whom have shown active support of Lee & Miller -- and The Liaden Universe over the years. In fact, in terms of Lee & Miller, Powell's seems not to be carrying Duainfey new at all (boo, hiss) -- and the Duainfey they carry is by Sharon Lee -- at least that's according to their database, but I guess it might be "only a database problem".

Speaking of "database problems", the quote I found to sell Fledgling on the Borders site this morning was:
"Description: The first new Liaden Universe novel in three years is a rousing military space adventure with larger-than-life characters . . . . . great space adventure, hard to beat for fans of fast-paced space opera ("Locus")." Sigh, so much for attention to detail!

And so on to SRM Publisher's world headquarters office and warehouse in a little while -- I got 37 packages out yesterday and hope to do more today.