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it came out of the wordwork

In brief
Busy day yesterday-- spent the morning in house, in part making a nice spaghetti sauce ...

went to the office about noon, where I packed some books (got about 30 out I guess) and looked for some tracking slips, then to PO, then to the movies where I met Rolanni and we descended upon the 4 PM Avatar in 3D showing ... where the pair of us we on the order of 10 percent of the audience. Yes, no comment on the movie yet.

Then to our local house of Italian, Cacciatore's -- http://cacciatores.com/ -- where we had a nice meal and good wine before heading out into the 5 degree F warmth to wander home in the breeze, radio station I-95 telling me the windchill was between -20F and -30F ... and the wind was such that the blowing snow and blowing road sand together became a kind of haze, particularly at intersections.

This morning my temporary outside remote perimeter pod thermometer tells me that the temp was 3 degrees (and this from a device sitting between the front door and the screen door, so there's a good chance it was picking up warmth from the house).

Now, breakfast.