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it came out of the wordwork

Adventure ...
Adventure ...

But not a movie in it ....

I was considering driving out to the Post Office today, but a walk/slide/almostbounce/walk/slip down and back up the driveway to get the mail proved tricky enough, what with water on top of ice on top of sand on top of ice on top of snow, and driving mist to boot, that I figured my cough would be best staying home yet again, and besides that I can watch that ankle to make sure I haven't added to my list of infirmities.

The high wind warning is still in effect, by the way, as is the flood watch and the rain all day, snow all night possibilities are unamusing.

Also, I have the scanner working and have been slowly going through piles of old photos, mostly throwing them out. What do I need 6 bad pictures of my aunt's apple tree for, really? Some of the pics are ending up here:

And back to cleaning out a couple weeks of email.