January 23rd, 2010

Lord Black Cat

A note about diet -- read the label...

I got out of the house yesterday for a doctor's visit and a trip to the drugstore. We stopped at the local CVS where I looked in the food freezer while waiting for my prescription to be filled. I'm afraid the whole store wondered what was wrong with me when I broke out laughing -- whee, what a thrill! I'd been getting bored with oatmeal and saw they had ... a frozen "breakfast bowl" that sounded kind of good. I picked it up, turned to the end panel and ... the product in question, labeled 1 serving .... had 123% of daily suggested cholesterol and 64% of suggested sodium. And then if I had a


So you know, if I went ahead and had that for breakfast, being a good boy and having a cup of milk and some cranberry juice along with --- I'd be up to 70% of my daily sodium well before lunch, not to mention a hellacious amount of fats. And if I added a Lean Cuisine dinner to the day I'd be at 85% of my sodium and 151% of my cholesterol with no lunch or snacks thrown in... sigh.

So what in-store food items have you seen that ought to be labeled a danger to humankind?

OH yeah -- meant to include this from the start -- reducing salt slightly can save US billion$ a year --
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