January 22nd, 2010



I have two coffee shop pre-paid cards, one for Starbucks, one for Tim Hortons. There's $2.17 left on the Tim's card and $47.73 left on the Starbucks.... they both started out at $100.00 ... so I guess you can see where I go.

No, truth told, the Starbucks card is one I expect to use most if I travel in the US,and it has been useful.

But, locally, the Starbucks has only coffee and over-sweet confections and silly mixes of silly music. No real food. Meanwhile Tim's will serve me a wrap, a full sandwich, a wide variety of donuts, breakfasts, and oh yeah, coffee I can drink. Tim's biggest advantage in my estimation is the soup. It is likely bad-for-me soup with too much salt, but you know, a tuna wrap and a cup of soup work very well together, don't cost much, are quick ... and they are there. The "no food here" Starbucks only gets my custom if I happen to be in that shopping center and in need of coffee and a vanilla scone.

In Boston, I don't know if there are Tim's .... in Boston the Starbucks card gets used at the Westin where I was expecting to go for Boskone. Looks like I'll skip Boskone though, in the face of deadlines and other time problems caused by a couple weeks of being sick... so the Starbucks card gets stuck in the back. Meanwhile, I need to remember to refill Tim's card as time and money permit -- $100 goes a long way there!
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