January 19th, 2010

srm, bookish

For clarity sake: SRM Publisher offices closed until next week


Steve Miller here -- besides science fiction writing and blogging I'm also the publisher at SRM Publisher.

I apologize to those of you waiting for SRM Publisher orders -- many are behind schedule. That's because I run a one person office in Waterville and I'm not in and haven't been in for over a week, doctor's orders. Ignoring the cough and 102 degree fever in favor of packing things didn't work so I'm on a rest-and-drugs regime for this week.

Snail mail, phone calls,and email are pretty far behind; I hope to get back to work Monday the 25th, which means I'll still be behind for sometime thereafter. Repeated emails to multiple addresses won't get answered sooner than single queries and may end up in the spam filters, slowing response for everyone.

This is not an optimal situation, but it is where things stand. Please bear with me.

Steve Miller,
SRM Publisher Ltd.