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it came out of the wordwork

The Publisher ... still has a fever
The bronchitis really caught me last week and it took an alert Sharon to realize I shouldn't be driving myself to the doctor with a fever over 102. So, I didn't -- she did.

I've got a couple more days of these drugs to take, and we have a minor snowstorm, so I'm alternating between naps and fiddling with photo scanning. I've adjusted one of the galleries of our covers and will see what else I can add to that while building up (locally, not on the net yet) scans from some of the older convention photos I can find. One, if I can fix it, is a beaut -- Southern Fandom Confederation hero Meade Friersen in his con shirt, with Mark Owings reflected in a mirror beside him.

Earliest I expect to be back to regular work is Wednesday. We cross fingers.