January 10th, 2010


Amid other things ... the Ravens win, and two questions

With the Raven's extremely convincing win over the Patriots I can anticipate a glum reception when I hit the PO tomorrow morning with 75 outgoing packages. I'll try to be understanding. . . . . right. I do hope Joe Flacco will get his hip taken care of -- those kinds of problems are nothing to fool around with!

Part of the day's duty include a couple meals, and -- since I had some last chance onions and some last chance spuds and some last chance sour cream and some last chance crumbled cheese -- I read through the potato sections of a couple of my usual cookbooks and also one we got years ago that I think I've never really used before and ... sliced the potatoes thin, put a layer on the bottom of the baking pan (over some olive oil spray), sliced the two surviving red onions and made one layer out of them, sprayed that layer with non-stick baking spray (with flour), added another layer of potato, poured some mixed olive oil and assorted dressing over that, then mixed the sour cream with some milk and dried chives and poured that over the potatoes, spreading crumbled cheese over all ... and baked it at 425 for about an hour and 15 minutes (ceramic baking dish). Dunno ... it wasn't quite scalloped though it was crispy on top and it wasn't quite any of the recipes I looked at .. .but it was quite good and we ate it with abandon. There's some leftovers.

Question 1: if you open the nearest window right now and listen for 30 seconds, what do you hear, what can you learn? If I open the nearest window right now I can hear the sound of a half dozen or so snowmobiles (some going, some coming), a train whistle, a truck with knobby tires going up the hill about 1/3 of a mile away, and the sound of scrabble rushing in to climb the bookcase so she can sniff the air -- and yes, her sniffing the air. The air is cool, and carries the scent of woodsmoke. I learn then that the wind is from the west or maybe WSW -- the smoke comes from that neighbor... and the wind is light or I wouldn't hear the train whistle from the east or ENE.

Question 2: Some years back we did a poll of "favorite authors" of our readers. Should we do it again? The old poll, in all the ancient HTML and stuff, is still online: http://www.korval.com/congru22.htm ...

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