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it came out of the wordwork

Another snow-filled day
computer steve
More snow, and another chance to go out in the cool and sweep, shovel, and gaze at the wildlife. I'm wondering if the snowfall will finish the last of my bird food reserves ... I thought we were OK but when it snows for 72 hours or more in a row the birds home in on the feed station.

I've been mixing playing with work, joy with sadness. For example ... Just discovered we lost another friend last year without knowing it ... Tim Squires, from Smithfield. He was the guy who helped me fix my engine the first year we were in Maine .. I laid on my back on the ice and he gave me directions, since he was a mechanic who'd just had a transplant and I was transplant who needed a mechanic. Between us we got the car running, which was good, considering how any other things had gone wrong that first winter. If we hadn't got the car running I was afraid Sharon would have been on the bus back to Baltimore ...

Been playing with icons. May get some old photos scanned in... we'll see. Now, to sign another 200 copies of Halfling Moon since I packed all the signed ones last week and got a bunch of them mailed.