January 1st, 2010


Water under the ice

2009: out
2010: in

I'm looking forward, knowing that we do not live in the time of the singularity and will not: all that
happens depends on what has gone before, even if try to ignore it, and sometimes paths do cross again, in unexpected ways. There's more to quantum entanglement than meets the eye, eh?

There's been a lot of water under the ice this last year; plans gone awry, echoes of plans gone awry, plans gone right, plans yet to be implemented. For one thing, I have to find that calendar I bought, I know I have it around here somewhere! Enumerating the other things that have affected my life -- deaths of old friends, the decline of the US Postal Service, the delayed opening of a Tim Horton's in our neck of the woods, travels and travails, cat stuff -- should have been (and may have been!)done at the time it impinged on me... so no specifics today.

Today, I watch the deer and multiple sets of turkeys at the apple tree across the way, clean the cars in case the plowguy comes, and maybe look at some football scores, though most of the games I'm interested in won't happen until Sunday.

Meanwhile, I have to start the garlic bread for lunch.

Have a comfortable and productive New Year, and let's do dinner or lunch or breakfast when we're in the same place, really.