December 24th, 2009


Holiday greetings ...

Hello, hello, hello --

we had modest snow on the overnight, enough that we made sure to get out early for breakfast ... and once we were out on the day after an excellent meal it turned into a warm (for us in winter) sunny day. Then we stood in line for 40 minutes at the local bakery to get the pies we'd ordered
for the holidays ... and then took a ride, just because the sun and snow-covered Maine countryside was such a good combination.

I know a lot of you have already been enjoying your Christmas, and for those of you who celebrate we hope you'll have a great holiday.

Our holiday got a boost when the local framing shop got our copy of this:

framed in time for us to put up for the holidays. The This above is David Mattingly's cover for Mouse and Dragon, of course, and... as Scott Raun has researched (and I'm dealing with a backlog of 100s of messages so I don't know if he's posted it here) it is possible to
get your very own extremely high quality, limited edition print of the cover. Scott did share that info over in the comments at Sharon's
blog --- .. I think the price is $50.

If you've been following the saga of Halfling Moon there's news:

basically ... we expect to have shippable numbers of Halfling Moon early next week. Cross fingers, everyone!

Did Sharon mention here that Saltation-the-page-proof-copy has been returned to Baen? If not, you should know.

Again this year I hope to get to Boskone, and again this year Sharon's tight work schedule looks to make it unlikely
that she will. Anyone here going to be there? Maybe we can do breakfast ...

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