December 20th, 2009

Lord Black Cat

Geek advice on webhosts

I'm need in need of webhosting advice/info a for possible shared site of which I'd have only passing or short-term administrative oversight -- which might need to provide some streaming. Could need to handle 3 to 5 domains. (This is a semi-bluesky situation and I'm trying to help with ballpark costs and startup info. Since I'd rather not have all my baskets tied to the same pile of eggs, a search for a service that works and is not my current SRM host here in Maine). Cpanel or equivalent might be nice, multiple mysql accounts and FTP and such ... some reasonable number of email accoutns -- but you know, the webhost rating services all seem to allow buy-ins, and I'd like realworld instead of shill info if it is possible. Understand that I'm not expecting to have even 1/8 time IT staff, so easy access to support is also good. Price is a concern, but first is stability and accessible support.


1. Can you tell me what hosts you would absolutely avoid. Realio trulio DON'T GO THERE place ... I don't need all the gory details, just a quick filter for me to knock off the first percentage of hosts.

2. And next, services that you have been glad to work with, over time. If you have a personal tie, that's ok, but better if you're able to mention that (even if you have to send me a note in quiet to research (at) catwhisker (dot) net )