December 18th, 2009


Well -- looks like lots of snow -- elsewhere ... and other stories.

The Mid-Atlantic seems set to get slammed starting late tonight and into Sunday with one forecaster calling conservatively for 8 inches or so -- but with the acknowledgment there's a lot more potential to the storm ... so good luck folks. Let's see if I recall the Bal'more rush-to-the-store list: Cloverland or Koontz milk, Schmits rye bread, toilet paper, coffee...Utz chips and pretzels, Tastykakes, and an extra case or two of beer and Pepsi. What did I forget? The forecast here for the weekend clear and then partly cloudy, with no active advisories -- so there's a noreaster aimed for the Chesapeake.

Here, I have an on-call run to Augusta planned for today, if they'll just *actually call*. I also need to see if there's an open H1N1 clinic down there since I still haven't had that shot... BUT the reason I want to go to Augusta is to check the still delayed cover proof for Halfling Moon. I'm afraid when our favored printer moved to their new location in the midst of a recession -- they got really, really busy. Good for them, but it makes our turn around on these color books into exquisite torture. Once the proof is approved turnaround time means stuff is really late... sigh, I have two chapbooks I'd really done by the endo f the years andthis plan is at risk.

OK, I've done it. Got a replacement cellphone, activated the voicemail, and even ... tested txting. Now I have to see if the bluetooth works. Can someone tell me why my phone needs to talk to my GPS, though?

My plan is to get to the office pretty early -- it's cool here right now, with current temp around -4F so the office will need some warming ... and oh yeah, as time permits this weekend I will try to get the new small weather station set up. Alas, we won't be connecting direct to Wunderground -- but hey, buy lots of our books and we'll be able to upgrade next year! The old outside thermometer last about 5 years but the batteries gave-up the ghost this time by leaking... I spotted an on-sale item at Home Depot that includes an anemometer as well as thermometer and humidity readings, so I'll be ready to share far too much weather information with you year round -- and to rush to the city when the call comes in.
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