November 19th, 2009


Fledgling -- We're working on it, and other stuff

If you believe you were to have a Fledgling by now and haven't got one, please know that we're working on it. In fact, the last of the "group" lost souls from our Fledgling mailing went out Tuesday, several cases worth. According to various PO people and printed items they should arrive in 4 to 15 days, the one in the US that is, and the ones in Canada -- who knows, they may arrive faster.

Those books were delivered Tuesday afternoon. Immediately thereafter ... someone responded to a three month old email and someone else responded to a six week old postcard. Eventually, most of these books will reach their appointed homes. We have figured out several of the mysterious lost label shipments. By the time Saltation gets to us the mailing rates will have gone up again, so it will be good to get all the to a new home before then, yes.

In other news, looks like Hexapuma will need a visit to his friend the vet in Waterville -- he ('puma, not the vet) yet again, has a neck sore that seemed to have developed overnight.

It is hard to get in the Yule decorating mode, but I know full-well that if I don't have the outside tree strung by Thanksgiving weekend that I'll end up trying to string it in two feet of white-stuff. Go me, my enthusiasm is overwhelming.

The state DOT has pulled out the guardrails on the approaches to our road, flattened and filled, and *paved,* the former gravel "breakdown lane". At the moment they haven't installed new guardrails, so if we get a nice icy morning it'll be real easy to slide off the road and then off the side of the now steeper and more dangerous mini-cliffs into the bog (on one side) and the turkey-launch ditches (the other side).

I was listening to Frank FM a lot, but I now see that I can in any random 1 hour or so song-stretch I can anticipate one song by: Billy Joel, Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Credence Clearwater, David Bowie, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac ... and so I'm using Pandora at work and only doing Frank when driving within range between Waterville and Lewiston if i left the CDs at home.
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