October 29th, 2009



Yesterday I worked hard and got mail together and had a partial interview by phone before noon ... and another partial interview by phone and ... several more scattered throughout the day. Iphone fail -- not *my* phone, they were calling my landline at the office. But, calling from within a major East Coast city with an Iphone seems not to work so well for a lot of folks, and was frustrating for us and for the interviewer "I'm sorry, you're fading and echoing...."

...well, we shall see.  Eventually they got to talk to me and Sharon both because she came down after work. Right -- the interview started at 11 AM sharp and was over just before 5, with lots of technical timeouts in between.  We'll cross the fingers and hope something useful emerges.

In between I was also packing stuff, some for SRM and repacking some for Lee & Miller.  I tried, really, to get that last great Fledgling lump out the door again. The PO closes at 5 (see above, see below).

Well, try, try again --- I'm going *back* to the PO this morning with a lot of mail that says GREAT BRITAIN ... that's because UNITED KINGDOM isn't acceptable for international priority mail ... they will not mail it if it says UNITED KINGDOM...*but* but but ... so someone's going to have to fix some back-office automation... nevermind.  I do just hope the mail goes through this time.  I cannot believe how much postal rates went up since we started writing Fledlging -- more than half of the donation $25 proceeds for overseas shipments of Fledglings were eaten in postage. With taxes, boxes, and special labels the overseas portion was about a wash, I guess -- though shipping to 20 countries does show a lot of demand, donnit?

Also, domestically, we've had three more Fledglings returned with no label -- some modern mailing equipment apparently eats labels right off the box! -- and we're still getting boxes back marked "Moved, no forwarding address" or with the new address conveniently affixed to the front and a "postage due" stamp  requiring us to rebox and re-ship... After this morning the only Fledglings I have left to ship lost are those that have been returned and some that we've located from the  "Lost Souls" list, which seems appropriate with Halloween on the cusp.

Other things  .. my stepfather seems to be doing OK there at assisted living place in the country, we still need to mess with the Department of Motor Vehicles about who does and does not have a security interest in my car (though the note has been paid off),  we're waiting (not patiently) for the proof for Dragon's Bones, and now the weatherfolken say no snow for is for awhile.