October 24th, 2009


Slowly I turn... step by step ...

Last night we watched the first half of Athens, from the BBC. That's what happens when you have a history geek in the house -- mixed in with Briscoe County and such you'll find documentaries on the history of ornamental flowers, railroads, and Athens... after, I got to read the very exciting scene where Snuff and Graymalk get cornered and .... well... that would be a spoiler.

Day started with a quick breakfast and a chauffering job -- Hexapuma went to the vet. Rolanni decided to carry the kid in his favorite blanket insetad of using a box, and that wroked out well for all concerned considering I'm still not supposed to be doing much lifting. Hex came through with flying colors, then became the first of our cats to visit the SRM office -- which he seemed to find .... interesting.

I've spent too much of the day fighting a recalcitrant bit of software as i try to get the Halloween Special up on srmpublisher.com ... and it hasn't worked yet. I have a plan, though, for tomorrow. I can't say I spent all day, because, frankly, I've been tired ever since coming out of the hospital from my little outpatient procedure on Thursday, and the day being gray and bleak and chilly, a nap was in order after our lunch of hot dogs and
fresh stove-top semi-fried potatoes and onions. It was a good long nap, and left me feeling like I should work on writing rather than banging my head against software, so I did that ...

And so some progress. The plan is to retry the ad tomorrow, with the shopping cart manual in front of me, and then write. Tonight?  My turn to listen as Sharon reads from Snuff's adventures.

Oh, and a *real*surprise to anyone living in Maine. It rains. Again ... only been an inch or two today, I guess.