October 20th, 2009


AFB: Away from blog

I'm working on a couple of projects and, because of the ghods of calendars, I've got an overlapping periodic medical exam that may take me out of circulation for a day or two. Blegh. Worse, no red jello -- only non-red jello, broth, clear liquids, water and ... Gatorade? Why in the name of exalted tastebuds would I want to drink 96 ounces of Gatorade in a year, much less in a marathon one day session?  Sigh.  Well, we are all tested at times.... and I'll be back on blog sometime over the weekend.

Meanwhile, today a few more Fledglings should hit the mail, and I've already got a mixed bag of about 30 orders with Misfits going out. Will do that and pack some more today, do some shopping for necessaries, have a library meeting tonight, and late sandwich or something, and then start my liquids only fast with all that entails.  I foresee some writing and some reading over the next few days.

Catch you around.