October 17th, 2009

srm, bookish

Not so zoom, but busy enough ...

I went to the office early and book-packed today:

all remaining signed Fledgling hardcovers for Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, & New Zealand.  Wow ... books to 15 or 16 countries so far this time around, and that's without adding in the APO types who are on duty in the danger zones.

Let me correct that "all" -- we have a couple of hard to interpret addresses we're checking on, and several still needing phone numbers for obscure reasons known to the PO. 

Waiting for the paperback? You can order it today ...from Amazon -- if you can stand to wait until March to get it! http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1439133433/blookangarue/107-2494529-4543737

... and yes, some of the UK books have gone, but not all. 

So I spent most of what was apparently a very pretty day inside, alone, packing, most of my company coming from this radio station -- http://1075frankfm.com/  so is "Frank FM" some kind of a franchise?

And what's up with this: all of the pizza boxes in the supermarket seem to have warnings about precise safe temperatures --- have you ever tried to use a food thermometer get the temperature of a pepperoni slice? Geesh.