October 6th, 2009

srm, bookish

A day of sections

Section One --

Among the questions we are most frequently asked at conventions and in email is -- "Where is the best place for me to buy your book -- for you as an author?"

The answer is: yes. Buy my book.

Now, it is true that we do not get a cut of used book sales, so we'd prefer new sales to used -- but if you can't afford to buy a new book we'd rather you read our books than not.  Historically we've had a lot of support from genre shops -- you'll see us name quite a few over time, especially appended to our Liaden Universe(R) Infodumps -- so go to your local independent store or genre shop and ask for our books there. You can even tell them all about our books if they don't already know.  This week coming, if you're close enough to do it comfortably -- you can buy our books at Children's Book Cellar in Waterville, ME -- where we will be reading and signing on Friday afternoon into the evening.  But really, in general, the answer is yes. Convention dealers may cost you more than Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com .. but in theory we should be getting the same royalty for a sale, either way. it may take us longer to get the royalty for some places than others -- but please, that's not really your concern as a supportive reader. The other hand is that as writers we've also had far more success with amazon than a lot of folks, in part because when we'd been out of print for so long many of the "regular" bookstores forgot about us while Amazon.com had a clear record -- people were buying our books new and used when they could find them ... and when Plan B came out and ran to #42 on the Amazon list one Sunday a few years back, they took note -- in fact I think nearly half the first year's sales of Plan B were through Amazon.

For the moment -- you  can help by requesting Fledgling and by telling your friends about Fledgling -- this is effectively the start of the new story arc, and it would be good to get as many people onboard now as we can. Tell your library, tell your friends and local SF club, and do mention us to the folks standing beside you in the bookstore, yessir. Word of mouth can be the key. heck -- you can even mention Fledgling in your own blog, or on your facebook wall ... and if you are on facebook, look for the liaden interest groups!

Section Two --

I should point out that we do have some of our books for sale at srmpublisher.com -- but not Fledgling or Saltation. In a few weeks we may find we have some "extra" copies of Fledgling leftover form our pre-order mailings, but watch for that news here or in Sharon's blog...but if you want other Lee & Miller stuff, be sure to visit http://www.srmpublisher.com, where sometime this week Misfits should be in stock.  Our printer is struggling with equipment and the chapbooks did NOT arrive last week as we expected.

Section Three --

Sometimes you have to read *something* that doesn't come from Lee & Miller. No, srsly!

So I see that Jim Hines has a new fantasy just out --   The Mermaid's Madness

... and I'm not sure that you'll think of the Little Mermaid quite the same after you read it....

And so does the inimitable Laura Anne Gilman have a new fantasy --


I have a special taste for Laura Anne's Flesh and Fire ... which deals with the magic of wine. Yessir!

Section Four --

About coming travels: no, we must skip Albacon this year -- we've got a reading and signing in Waterville on Friday evening and getting to
and from Albany takes 6 hours, so we'd have about 12 hours at the con on the weekend, plus gas bills... sorry folks.

After that, we're still not sure if Sharon will make Boskone in February, though I expect to ... again, the matter is travel time. If Sharon can finagle an extra Friday off... maybe. If not, the next time we'll travel together to a con may well be Oasis, where we'll be Guests of Honor in May in Orlando, and then to Duckon, where we'll be in June in Naperville. I note that Scott Raun, long tiome Friend of Liad, is Fan Guest of Honor at Duckon, so we're hoping for a good turnout of the mid-country Friends of Liad ... For that matter, we'll see if the Deep South Friends of Liad who've been after us for years to come their way think Florida is *too south* for them ... please understand that Sharon uses up her vacation time from the college to travel to these cons so that her "vacation" next year will consist of two Guest of Honor gigs and a visit to Raleigh for NASFIC -- so having our long time readers and supporters show up in force to join us at breakfast and help us party at night is really useful in terms of our relaxing.

Section Five --

See above re travel. Since we have to work out Sharon's absence from the college, if you know a convention thinking about us for a GoH slot for 2011, now is not too soon to discuss it seriously.  We expect to get to Renovation, (Worldcon 2011 http://www.renovationsf.org/) so... think around that. Places we haven't been GoH include the pacific Northwest, Canada (yes, we did attend InConsequential, Anticipation, Torcon 3 and other nearby events), the lower Midwest ... and we haven't been GoH in California since the late 1980s. Yep, got to keep time in mind since we'll travel there by train for most places over a 10 or 15 hour drive, and to some closer.

Section Six ---
whoa, do something fun, right now -- this is far too long a post for a pretty morning like today!