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it came out of the wordwork


Having come to Maine with only a Gary Cooper movie intro to turkey hunting, I'm here to tell you that wild turkeys are outside the range of slow.  We came across a flock of turkey several evening ago, in the rain, at sundown, as they were crossing the road to get to the other side. Getting to the other side of places is what turkeys do for existence, after all ...

We came upon them just on the other side of the crest of a hill, in the midst of a curve -- and there were at least a dozen. My reaction, seeing turkeys to the left of me, turkeys to the right of me, turkey directly in front of me, and knowing that in the rain I was driving too fast to stop in time ...was to aim at *the turkey* in the middle of the road, who was a little distance down the road -- that was probably the guard turkey -- because the others dove away, those somewhat on the left to the left, those to the right down the embankment on the right ...
and while I didn't want to hit any of them, one was better than hitting them all if I rolled the Subaru doing  a stupid human trick ... so I did brake some and aim where I could and ... the turkey in front of me took flight and flew directly at the car,  clearing first the hood  by a foot or two and then the windshield ... by tailfeathers.


During the winter, especially the late winter, we have turkeys walk by the house -- within three feet or so -- regularly. Maybe I'll buy them a bushel of apples this year...

and oh yeah, the auction for the Candlelight papers us still in gear at ebay.