September 11th, 2009


Truck, truck, truck! Fledgling order for signings arrived ...

Truck, truck, truck! Yep, late in the day, 1543.96 lbs worth of Fledgling arrived yesterday in Waterville; two full pallets, 60 cases of books. The truck driver handed them off case by case at the tailgate; I had to stack them in 15 stacks each 4 cases high and later cart them and restack them in the storage bin ... luckily it was a very nice day, and even better, the neighboring office was closed so the driver could get the 18 wheeler within 6 feet of the bay door, leaving me about a 60 foot round trip for each handcart run.

So what does that mean if you've ordered Fledgling? We're waiting for the shipping boxes. I'm testing a label printer today, and some new mailing software as well, and  .... and today is Sharon's birthday, and we have a reservation for the nicest Italian place in town tonight, so it'll be awhile before signing starts, much less shipping. This may take a week or two.
Please be patient!