September 7th, 2009

Lord Black Cat

Was out on the property, selecting a tree

We like to have a "landing tree" on the deck for the birds coming into the bird feeders -- and every year or  two I select a sapling growing in a bad spot and will cut it as the leaves start to turn... and then add it to the corner of the deck, where I strap it in.  The current landing tree has been there three years and is losing branches ... but it worked so well I'm trying to find one of around the same height and branch  spread, which is harder than I thought it would be, even with a couple acres of woods to pull from... but I have a victim in mind now, and so wait for the color to show in branches... and then choppity choppity chop, happy birds!

Back to the netbbook, where I discovered Fledgling at 3003 at this morning, and at #6 in Space Opera, again with those pesky kindle ebook ISBNs distancing the title from the rightful #4 spot it ought to have .... sigh. Playing with advance search, it looks like out of 124 hardback SF space opera books published this year ... Theo is currently at # 7, but to get that we need to filter out the books that are pre-made bestsellers that haven't been published yet -- for example a Star Wars book due in march of 2010 is already listed higher (sigh, who knew I'd be in competition with Star Wars when I saw the first movie so many years ago?) ...

So, if you haven't ordered your copy of Fledgling  yet... you can do so and help us move up these ephermeral lists until the next hotseller drops us a number or two.

Yep .. and after I stop playing on the internet with my netbook I have dishes to wash, clothes to take out of the dryer and put away, and maybe even a couple story fragments to mess with.  How's by you?