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it came out of the wordwork

Fledgling, by the numbers
We've had a busy day today, breezy blue-sky and a good breakfast and lunch a nice addition to a day of doing what we do because we want too.

My projects for the day included getting pdfs of the early proof of Misfits out for eyes of proofers.... and work on a revised Liaden page for korval.com, which has been shared with some of the Friends of Liad but which is still very very much a work in progress...

Also on our mind today: Fledgling   ...

this evening's numbers at amazon.com (as I type) show Fledgling as number 12 in Space Opera, just ahead of books by David Weber, David Drake, John Ringo, John Scalzi, Douglas Adams, and Peter Hamilton .. .and as usual the amazon.com habit of listing the kindle as a different book means that there are really only about 8 titles ahead of Fledgling, so that's not too bad. The current overall ranking for Theo is 5928;
the SF Adventure ranking is #21, and that's not bad considering that amazon is giving away free some kindle titles in the adventure category!
if you haven't bought Fledgling yet we hear that not only is the book arriving from amazon orders, but is available at a host of independent genre shops....

and now, dinner ...