September 3rd, 2009


Fledgling, by the numbers

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So Fledgling comes in at #20 right now at Amazon in SF adventure, but if you winnow out the duplicates caused by Amazon breaking out
their Kindle editions, as a title Fledgling is around number 11 ... and Fledgling is currently #9 in Space Opera ... but would be #5 or 6 without amazon getting in our way ...

But hey, this is all fleeting, and changes by the hour.  You can ask you local bookseller to carry Fledgling  if they don't already; and certainly
your local genre shop should be well-stocked by now, or know when they are getting books in. Books-A-Million is showing stock online, Walmart is not (!) ...

Sing out if you see a copy of Fledgling in a store, or of you own or work for a store, if you have Fledgling in stock.

PS: we're going to be doing a podcast for a West coast group sometime next week -- I don't think it'll be live online, but we'll let you know as soon as we have details