August 26th, 2009

Lord Black Cat

'bout time ...

So, it took an act of the legislature ...

but three-wheel electric (and other small engine) cars and trucks are going to be drivable in Maine, RSN.  This is useful!

(here's the old news:

and now the new Maine news:

We'd really like to see something with a range of around 100 miles, of course, but -- if we lived *in* a city or large town -- we could likely get by with a 40 or 50 mile range with no problem. As it is, the 25 mile range a lot of electric vehicles promise would be pretty limiting here since Sharon's drive to and from work, for example, would use up almost 16 of those miles.

But! -- see, someone's supposedly done, that, if we can be patient sand sell another few books, to boot:

So, the future rolls closer!

Meanwhile, Sony is making news with another form of electrics -- electric books. They've positioned themselves well for Christmas, I think...
see this article:

Oh, and  right -- and remember Baen has a LOT of Lee & Miller fiction in eformat, and Sony has a great deal of Sharon Lee fiction in inventory. Buy enough of them, and tell your friends to do the same, and we'll be able to drive one of those nifty 100 mile range electric cars before I'm 65 --- hey, you better hurry!