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it came out of the wordwork

In case you missed this: ticky box time?
First, Rolanni, aka Sharon, has posted a poll and there's still time to take part....

This is a poll for Liaden readers ... at http://rolanni.livejournal.com/464424.html -- please help if you have a few moments.

In other stuff, we have a  day lily count of three today.  Very near to the end of the season we are, yessir.
And, if you go to

you can find the Baen catalog for next year, with a nifty PDF of Saltation ... suitable for sharing with friends, yep...
that's around page 5 of the pdf...

and at
down around page 15, is the catalog featuring Fledgling ....

Hurricane rained on us slightly last night, but no tornadoes here, though there was one on Paris, and area I frequented when I was a sysop and trainer. -- http://www.wmtw.com/weather/20511186/detail.html