August 19th, 2009


lily count 4 -- auction underway

The Carpe Diem auction is underway ... your chance to seize a 17 pound collection of paper that became Carpe Diem, including notes
for the book that never quite made it to the stands. ... Check it out!

In other notes, it has been hot here, with bad air, and now there's a very small chance that portions of Maine may come under the sway of hurricane weather Sunday or Monday .... as the predicted track goes we are pretty far from that, but yes, we have from time to time been known to travel toward weather rather than away from it.  At one point, some years back, this would be, we arrived in the vicinity of Cape May, NJ within an hour of the end of the tornado warnings spawned by a hurricane. But there, maybe that helps explain why we're official weather watchers ...
ooohhh... shiny thunderstorms!

And no, without a major change in plans, we will not drive to Nova Scotia to be in the storm this weekend. Honest... no crossed fingers here, no sir....none. Srsly!  (see storm path?)