August 14th, 2009


Catching up is hard to do

Today's day lily count is again seven! Whee...

Meanwhile, the PO had some mail for us to collect, and the news from Baen's back-office is that our big Fledgling shipment won't happen until close to the end of the month -- the good news is that gives us time to get some local minions mobilized for the packing part of things, the bad news is that it is, yes, a few more days between the readers and the words.

We've also had word from our contact at Old Orchard Beach that on an otherwise sold-out weekend, one room has become available...and so this will be basically an electron free overnight for us, just before Rolanni's return to fulltime on campus. Our job, such as it is, at the beach, will be to scope out the place for long-range relocation possibilities... and to come up with 4 titles for the new Baen omnibus project.

Catch you later this weekend --